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Support Contacts
The easiest way to contact us regarding support is by sending an email to your account executive. But as a client, you also have access to our toll free support department. We look forward to hearing from you:
Send a Message or call
(800) 654-5218
Support Philosophy
When you need support assistance, you can count on us to be there for you. We want to make sure that the support we offer is the kind that adds value to your organization. With SimplifyIT, support is not code for 'bug fixes', but a commitment to helping each client reach their maximum potential.
Software Design
Our software developers take extra care to make sure the support you need is not due to a software failure, commonly referred to as a 'bug'. We design our software with the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry, which means the support you need is geared toward getting the most value possible from the use of our solutions.
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